Crossroads HR partners with your business to take care of your people concerns.  Whether it be about getting new people in to help you grow, improve the leadership skills of your managers or to help you navigate the legal minefield of employment law, we have the full HR spectrum covered…

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Actionable Learning

e-learning is out. Conversations are in.

When was the last time your team sat down and really listened to each other?

Actionable workshops turn ideas from top business books into conversations and action plans for you and your team.

With an easy to follow program, your people can explore and apply cutting edge thinking to their work.

This collaborative and creative learning program not only builds skills, but more importantly has been demonstrated to improve energy levels and business results.

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Executive Recruitment

With over 15 years experience helping a broad range of businesses, we have developed an extensive network of highly capable executives.Through this network, our clients have come to trust our ability to help them source the people they need to lead their business.

As an ongoing partner Crossroads HR is motivated to get great people into your business, because we know that they will be our partners in the future.

Digital Interviewing

Finding great people for your business can be time consuming and resource intensive. Crossroads HR is leading the way in streamlining this process through the use of cutting edge digital interviewing.Our Crossmatch platform allows rapid shortlisting through an online video interview process that saves applicants and you time and energy.

Through Crossmatch candidates answer pre-set questions over a specified period of time, based on your criteria and candidates record their digital answers on line. This allows us to quickly identify candidates with talent.

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Since 1999, our team has been founded on expertise, character, experience and commitment.

We are passionate about providing ‘on call’ support so that you can focus on growing your business.

We have built a trusted reputation over the years and our priority is to partner with you to deliver simple and actionable workplace solutions.


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